What is a Toonit Featured Creator?

We’re excited to invite individuals like yourself who are more experienced and well versed in all things webcomics. Here’s a little introduction about us.

Toonit is an online platform where you can easily and quickly create your own webcomic without having to do any drawing. We launched in March 2022 and so far, we’ve had 46,000+ site visitors from over 100 countries.

Here are some examples of Toonits that our creators created without having any experience or knowledge in drawing or cartoon making:

Now, this is where you come in! We need your expertise in creating webcomics to be one of our first users, try the platform, and help build a library of quality webcomics which will become a reference for those starting off in their webcomic journey. If eligible, you will be given the title of Toonit Featured Creator. With this title, you’ll have first access to the exciting opportunities we've lined up for you. Exact information will be available during our upcoming official launch in Fall 2022.

Upcoming opportunities:

Geared Towards the Creators

Toonit will be a platform geared towards the creators and we believe that you must get the spotlight you deserve. Whether you're a first time or experienced creator, we want to help showcase your Toonit. On a rotating basis, a creator will be featured, which means you’ll be getting prime exposure space across the Toonit website, content library, and social media accounts. It’ll be a kick start in building your audience and community of active readers.

Example of Toonit website with Featured Creator section

Create to Earn

As our platform grows, we want our creators to grow as well. We know how much dedication and time you put into building your webcomic, so we want to monetize and reward you for it. Once you meet the criteria, story and asset creators will be eligible for monetization opportunities, provided with a comprehensive dashboard and a breakdown of earnings. If you’re worried about creating enough content for your audiences, don’t worry! With Toonit’s quick and easy platform, you won’t have to keep your readers waiting.

Unlock Additional Features

Featured Creators will get to enjoy the Toonit Pro Subscription free for one year, which is valued at $99.00 USD. Subscribers can upgrade their Toonit experience and get access to the following features:

  • Unlimited access to pre-set backgrounds inspired by both real-life and fictional locations and non-human characters.

  • Get Toons, our platform currency, for completely free. It can be used to purchase specific assets from the marketplace and donated to other creators.

  • Enhance your Toonit by adding sound stamps and GIFs!

Your Unique Navatar

As a Featured Creator or Toonit Pro Subscriber, you’ll receive an exclusive Navatar. To put it simply, it’ll be your unique character, actor, with no other Navatars identical to yours. You can nurture, grow your character and allow other story creators to use it. You’ll even get rewarded for it!

Example of Navatar

If you are interested in getting started with Toonit, simply reply to the email by writing “I’m Interested” and a team member will get back to you shortly.