Your Guide to being a Toonit Featured Creator

Toonit is excited to invite experienced writers like yourself to our closed beta release. During this period, we want to build a library of quality webtoons which will become a reference for those starting off in their storytelling journey. In addition, you’ll be given the title of Featured Creator.

Disclaimer that you must have received a special invite from Toonit to be considered as a Featured Creator. If you have not been invited, but want to be considered, email us your past webtoons or portfolio to

As a Featured Creator, you’ll be given exclusive first access to the amazing benefits and perks we have lined up for you. To be eligible, you must submit a webtoon during the duration of the Original Webcomic Challenge. Some of these perks will be available after the closed beta release with additional information to follow.


#1 - Marketing

Get the spotlight you deserve! On a rotating basis, we’ll be showcasing a Featured Toonit and Artist which means you’ll be getting prime exposure space across the Toonit website, content library, and social media accounts. The more readers and engagement your Toonit receives, the more monetization opportunities there will be for you. Please note that only selected Toonits will be eligible to receive this benefit.

Sample image of Toonit website

#2 - Rewards

During our closed beta release, we will be launching the Original Webcomic Challenge. Consisting of multiple rounds, your published webtoon will be read and voted on by the general public. As a Featured Creator, you will be exempt from submitting an application and story synopsis for the event entry. The top ten, or the Hot 10 as we like to call it, from each round will have the chance to win from prizes total valued at $10,000+. Here’s a sneak peek of them:

#3 - Monetization

As our platform grows, we want our creators to grow as well. We know how much dedication and time you put into building your webtoon, so we want to reward you for it. We’ll have monetization opportunities for both our story and asset creators, and provide a comprehensive dashboard so you can view a breakdown of your earnings. More information will be available after the closed-beta release.

#4 - Free Annual Toonit Pro Subscription

As a Featured Creator, get one annual Toonit Pro Subscription for FREE, valued at $99 USD. Some perks include:

To learn more about the Toonit Pro Subscription, click here.

We’re very excited to welcome Toonit Featured Creators during our closed beta release and read the webtoons you create. Have any questions? Email us at