What is a Toonit Pro Subscription?

Note that more information regarding the Toonit Pro Subscription will be available and can be purchased after the closed beta release. Below is a sneak peak of what's to come!


1. Assets

Our asset library is filled with thousands of assets ranging from vibes, characters, and props that you can use when creating your webtoon. As a Toonit Pro subscriber, you’ll have unlimited access to our pre-set backgrounds inspired by both real-life and fictional locations and non-human characters.

2. Toons

Toons are our platform currency and you’ll get 1000 Toons for completely free! It can be used to purchase assets from the library, marketplace, and be given to your favorite story creators. Luckily for you, Toons will never expire!

3. Additional Features

When creating your webtoon, enhance it by adding sound stamps and GIFs!

4. Navatar

As a Toonit Pro subscriber, you’ll have the chance to receive an exclusive Navatar. To put it simply, a Navatar will be your unique character with none identical to yours. Only you’ll have access to it, plus you’ll get to monetize it. Here’s a sneak peak of what your Navatar can look like:

5. Get Monetized

We may place ads throughout our website periodically, but we promise it won’t affect your experience on our platform. As a Toonit Pro subscriber, you’ll get monetized and get a percentage of advertising revenue.

We’re very excited to welcome you to our closed beta release and read the stories you create. Have any questions? Email us at cbt@toonit.com