Toonit Matrix - Creating your Matrix

To create an account and access your dashboard, click here

1. Click the “Start Toonit” button on your dashboard

2. Click the "Toonit Matrix" in the pop-up modal

3. Similar to the Toonit Construct, the left-hand side is the asset panel which lists the 3D asset components that can be brought into the Toonit Matrix to make your desired scenes or assets.

Select your desired asset and drag & drop them into the Toonit Lens.

In the right modal window, there are three tabs:

  • First tab is “Asset”

  • The assets that are loaded in the matrix will be listed by their name with their file size

  • Note: Your Matrix can be a maximum of 400 MB. Keep track by viewing the counter at the bottom of the modal window.

  • Second tab is “Light” - add features such as lights, fog, and save the selected settings so you can use the same set next time.

  • Under the Lights drop-down menu, there are four light options to choose from:

  • Hemispheric (Overall brightening, No shadows)

  • Directional (Directional brightening, Shadows cast)

  • Point Light (Point brightening, shadows cast)

  • Spot (Spot brightening, shadows cast)

Note that for Spot and Point lights, first click the add button then click the location you wish to add the light to.

  • Once chosen, click “Add”

  • Under Light Intensity, use the dragger to control the intensity of the light.

  • Under Light Angle, use the dragger to control the cast area of the light.

  • Under the Fog drop-down menu, add a fog effect to the matrix. To use,

  • Fog: Toggle the button to “On”

  • Fog Mode: There are three fog modes to choose from.

  • Fog Color: Add the hex code of the fog color.

  • Fog Start & Stop: Set where the fog starts and stops

4. To save the light and fog setting, choose a relevant time-indicating icon and click the “Add” button. Use the saved setting for your future matrices.

For a step-to-step guide in publishing your matrix, learn more here.