Toonit - Editing Your Storyboard

1. After editing is finished, click the “Export” button on the top right corner of the page to bring the scene onto the storyboard.

2. The storyboard will show a preview of your Toonit. You can resize or move the imported scene anywhere on the story editing board. If you need to create new scenes, return to the Toonit Lens by clicking the “+” button. If you need to make edits to your scene and return to the Toonit Canvas, click the "x" button.

  • To resize the scenes on your storyboard, click your desired scene and adjust by dragging the bottom cursor.

  • To change the background color of your storyboard, click the top left button. There are two color options available: white or black.

  • To change the arrangement of your scenes, select the scene and click the upward symbol to bring the scene forward. Click the downward symbol to bring the scene backward.

3. To save your storyboard, click the purple button on the bottom right.

4. If you require additional space in your storyboard, simply click the "+" button on the bottom right left.

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