Join the #ToonitQuest

Updated as of: May 13, 2022


We're excited to launch the Toonit Quest today. The quest is comprised of a hunt for five (5) hidden items throughout the platform. Find, pose, capture a shot, and have the chance to win special prizes!

These items won't be revealed in advance, but on random days through Toonit social media pages and Discord server. To know when the hidden item is revealed and what it is, follow us here:





Ready to start exploring?



Step 1: Login to your Toonit Account

To participate, you have to be on a laptop or desktop device while logged in to your Toonit account. If you don't have an account, sign up here.

When the hidden item is revealed on Toonit's social media pages, go to your Dashboard and select the Toonit Construct.

Step 2: Create your Submission

Once you select the Toonit Construct, you are required to enter the required information to create your submission.

  • Title (required): set the title as "[your name] - Toonit Quest Submission"

  • Description: you are not required to enter any information.

  • Tags: you are not required to enter any tags.

  • Genre (required): you may select any genre.

  • Target audience: you are not required to select a target audience.

  • Rating (required): toggle the button to "off".

After the required information is entered, click the Start button.

Step 3: Finding the Items

Find the items by exploring the backgrounds in the Scenes tab. Once you find the hidden item, place a random Toonit character with an unique pose beside the item, and capture a shot. The captured shot will be then brought to your storyboard.

Continue to find all items, capturing a shot, and filling up your storyboard. The storyboard must contain a minimum of 1 or maximum 5 panels (one for each hidden item).

IMPORTANT: Each hidden item will only be revealed for 48 hours. The following are examples of captured shots:

Step 4: Share your Storyboard

Once you have found the revealed items and your storyboard is ready, publish it.

Step 5: Submit your Toonit Quest Entry

Once your entry is published, share the link of your entry on either your Twitter or Instagram account. There are two ways to share your entry.

IMPORTANT: We can only see entries if your accounts are public. Additional specifications can be found in the terms and conditions and FAQ.


There are two (2) ways to share your entry:

  1. Twitter Entry: Sign in to your Twitter account and follow @ToonitOfficial ( Then share the link of your published webcomic with the captured shots. Tag @ToonitOfficial and include the hashtag #ToonitQuest within your tweet.

  2. Instagram Entry: Sign in to your Instagram account and follow @Toonit.Official ( Post one of your captured shots, tag @Toonit.Official in the image, and include the hashtag #ToonitQuest and a link to your webcomic in the caption.

Each entrant may submit one (1) Twitter entry and one (1) Instagram entry for a total of two (2) entries per person.



There will be a total of three (3) prize winners who will be randomly selected from among all eligible entries received throughout the duration of the Toonit Quest.


Each winner will receive:

  • A pair of Apple 3rd Generation AirPods or Samsung Galaxy Buds 2.

  • Three (3) month subscription to Toonit Pro: Upgrade your Toonit experience where you'll get exclusive access to pro metas, characters, Toonit Coins, sound stamps, GIFs, Navatars, etc!


1. What if I missed an item?

  • Each item will only be revealed for 48 hours. If you missed finding an item, don't fret! Make sure you follow us on social media so you don't miss out on the subsequent hidden items.

2. How do I capture a shot and go to the storyboard?

3. Who is eligible to participate?

  • The Toonit Quest is open to global users who are 13 years of age or older and registered on Toonit.

4. Can we enter the Toonit Quest as a team?

  • Participation in the Toonit Quest must be done individually.

5. Have any additional questions?