Toonit Construct - Creating Your Webtoon

To create an account and access your dashboard, click here

1. Click the “Start Toonit” button on your dashboard

2. Click the "Toonit Construct" in the pop-up modal

3. In the modal window, you will be required to add the following information regarding your webtoon:

  • Title (required)

  • Description (optional): Give your readers a short 1-2 sentence preview of what your story will be about. Leave the readers hooked and wanting to read more.

  • Tags (optional): Write a maximum of 15 keywords to tag your story with. These tags will help readers search for your Toonit more easily.

  • Genre (required): Select the main genre of your Toonit from the drop-down list.

  • Target audience (optional):

  • Rating (required): If your story is for a mature audience of 18+, toggle the button to “ON”

  • Once you fill in the required information, click the “Start” button.

4. You are now in the Toonit Lens, our 3D rendering space where you can drag and drop 3D assets to create your webtoon. To start, select your Vibe!

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