Basic Controls in Toonit

To start creating your Toonit, you’ll need to understand the basic controls and what you’re seeing on screen. We recommend using a laptop or desktop mouse while using Toonit.

Note: The following may be different based on the device you are using and its configurations.

Display: Toonit Lens

The image below is an example of a scene you would see in Toonit. The different 3D asset components on the left-hand side and tabs on the right will help you create your webtoon.

Toonit Lens: Asset Controls

When selecting an asset in the Toonit Lens, you will notice six icons at the bottom of your screen. With the icons, you can:

To place the asset in the location you click

To move the character horizontally or vertically

To turn character in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction

To expand or decrease the scale of asset

To add rigging to character

To delete asset

Display: Mouse Control

Mouse - Scroll Up: This will zoom out of the screen.

Mouse - Scroll Down: This will zoom into the screen.

Left Click and Look: By left clicking and moving your cursor, you can tilt and rotate the angle of your field of view.

Right Click and Look: By right clicking and moving your cursor, this will anchor your field of view and change the screen plane.

Display: Keyboard Control

W - Move forward

S - Move backwards

A - Move left

D - Move right

Display: Gizmo

Gizmo: Our gizmo tool allows you to select a 3D asset and move or rotate it. Below is a clip of how the gizmo works.